Race Results 2018 Black's Grove Kids MTB Race
4 mi Cycling - Mass Start
Sunday 21 October 2018, 10:00
Web site:http://www.blacksgrove.com
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RankBib nrNameResultSpeed
14 and under Male
1266Marcus Olson00:24:55.49.63 mph
2273Gage Brasel00:26:45.68.97 mph
3277Preston Miller00:26:56.38.91 mph
4276Treston Hughes00:34:09.47.03 mph
5282Mickolas Sundheim00:51:30.54.66 mph
6274Hauns Short00:51:39.74.65 mph
7265Lukas Robinson00:51:43.14.64 mph
14 and under Female
1278Charli Snyder00:28:33.38.40 mph
2269Kaci Short00:31:46.97.55 mph
3267Lael Cecelia Tannen00:51:44.14.64 mph
4268Natalie Rose Tannen00:51:44.64.64 mph

DNS = Did not Start
DNF = Did not Finish
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