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What's New? These are the highlights

Experienced users of RaceClocker will notice that quite a lot has changed in the latest version. Based on feedback from our users we've made significant changes in the way RaceClocker is set up in order to improve the user experience for both the race manager as well as the people helping out with race timing in the field. Below an overview of the highlights.

Keypad bib number timing

RaceClocker now supports a timing mode based on bib number entry. From either an on-screen touch keypad or a physical keyboard on a laptop or desktop computer, a bib number can be quickly entered and the corresponding race participant will appear instantly. When no time stamp has been registered for this racer then an orange timer button appears. Tapping the button or hitting the space bar or Enter key on a keyboard will make the timing.

Capture up to 3 Split Times

By popular request, RaceClocker now supports splits (or laps). If you want your race participants or spectators to see how racers rank at various points in the race or for example at the transition points in a triatlon, now you can. RaceClocker includes a maximum of three split points. In the results the total time of each segment is displayed, including the ranking at that point.

Manage race from the RaceClock Dashboard

As a race manager, you can now organize and follow race timing in 'real time' via the dashboard. It includes a live overview of all timings, including a running stopwatch per participant in the 'Result' column. As soon as one of the timers registers a time stamp, it appears in the dashboard. You can follow along how the race unfolds and verify whether all time stamps are correctly captured on the server. From the dashboard you can launch any timer in the current browser or send a link to the timer via email or a chat-app.

Reassign a misplaced timing

When a race timer makes a mistake we've added the option to assign any time stamp to another racer in the race. This feature is accessed via the icon with 'crossing arrows' next to each time stamp. When another participant is tapped on next, the corresponding times are swapped.

Edit time stamps from the RaceClock Dashboard

As a race manager, you can change or update any time stamp in the race. In case an error was made or when a race participant was missed, it can be corrected here. We always recommend to have an additional timing system available like a video camera recording or stopwatch backup in case of missed times.

Timers don't need to log in anymore

When you involve one or more other individuals in the timing of your event, they don't need to worry about user names and passwords anymore. You as the race manager can simply send a secure link from the new RaceClock Dashboard to the person timing the race. (you can also just copy the link to the clipboard and send via whatsapp or any other communication app). The recipient opens the link and the timer buttons appear in the browser on their phone or laptop. They don't need to worry about anything else than focusing on accurately timing the race.

When the internet connection drops

We have massively improved RaceClocker with regard to connectivity problems. Whenever a timer out in the field is suffering from a bad internet connection, that will no longer result in lost timing events. When the browser is no longer connected to the internet, the user is notified and can simply continue with the timing task. As soon as the connection is restored, all results are then automatically synched with the RaceClocker server again and will appear on the dashboard and in the results.

And there's much more new stuff. Take a look at How it works for more in-depth information.

Also note that with all the new changes your old races can't be 'timed' again. They're still in your account and you can still view, share and download an Excel file of the results, but they can't be re-used for a new event.