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Easy manual timing of sports races
RaceClocker is a do-it-yourself tool for manual timing of sports races. Our app offers an easy and fast alternative to chip timing or stopwatches. If you're a coach or race manager and you can't use transponders then RaceClocker is an excellent solution for high quality timing of your race.
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Create, organize and monitor your race from the RaceClocker Dashboard
Capture start, finish and up to 3 split times from any laptop, tablet or phone
Publish and share live standings and results during or after the race
Made for race managers and coaches
Live RaceClock
Synching RaceClock...

The time you see ticking here is our "RaceClock". It is continuously kept in synch with our time server and the same accross all devices you open RaceClocker on. This results in accurate and precise manual timing of races where start and finish are at different locations. Timing precision is NOT depending on the speed of your internet connection.

News, updates and results

Our Facebook page is where we regularly link to race results published by race managers around the globe. Here you can also find announcements of newly added features and other updates of RaceClocker.

Get started with RaceClocker

You can try RaceClocker for yourself. Sign up and use the service free of charge. The free version is fully functional for up to 10 participants per race.

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If you want to use RaceClocker without any restrictions, you can upgrade later to RaceClocker Unlimited for 49,90 Euro (or USD $59.90) per year.

RaceClocker's Key Features
Import Start List
Upload your race list via an Excel CSV file. Race lists can include categories, bib numbers, name and club. A sample file and detailed instruction guide you how to do it.
Time Anywhere
Timing the start, finish and split points can be done on any internet connected phone, tablet or laptop. Races are managed for last minute changes and corrections from the RaceClock Dashboard.
Correct Mistakes
Humans make mistakes and therefor features are included to recover manual timing errors. Timer buttons can be 'undone' and backup results can be reviewed and reassigned whilst timing. Manual backup times can be entered at any time.
Time Trial or Mass Start
RaceClocker is great for timing time trial races with or without split points where participants start one after another. Mass start races are also supported.
Live Results
Results are published in real time so the crowd can follow along, either online or at the club house. Long lists scroll automatically for easy public display at your venue.
Publish and Archive
All timing registrations as well as final results can be downloaded as Excel file for your archive or in case you need the results in another application.